Facts & Benefits

Beach tennis can be played on the sand, the grass, the hardwood floor, and even the snow.

Beach tennis is a simple sport to learn, and combines skills from badminton, tennis, ping pong, volleyball and other racquet sports.

Beach tennis does not require racquet sport experience

Beach tennis is suitable for both athletes and non-athletes of all ages.

Beach tennis provides a fun avenue for everyone to exercise and improve physical fitness and mental health

Beach tennis leads you to exciting locations!! ( find your beach)……

Beach tennis requires minimal equipment

Beach tennis cultivates valuable teamwork and positive partnerships on and off the court

Beach tennis is a fast growing sport and this could lead to employment opportunities – referee, chair umpires, line umpires, and court maintenance staff.

Interactive Corporate Team-Building Activities

  • Purpose: to promote team spirit, to stimulate conversation, ideas, and laughter, and healthy competition
  • This physical activity is the best way to get the office camaraderie going. A sport that is easy for everyone to play , and an environment that everyone loves with a great team of coaches will make it a perfect day.

Sports Teams Team-Building Activities

  • Mindfulness, stretching and yoga activities in preparation for competition
  • Engages players in activities outside of regular practice which heightens the connection they have with one another in competition.
  • Positive affirmations and self talk enhance the activity


  • Burning calories – It is estimated that in one hour of play the average person burns 600 calories on a beach tennis court. The explosive nature of the sport, as well as the fact that it is played on sand, mean it requires a huge effort to play.
  • Muscle strengthening – Beach tennis provides an all-round workout but with a particular emphasis on the leg muscles, due to the effort required to chase after the ball. Being played on sand means the player engages their core to stabilize the body during play.
  • Low impact on joints – A big benefit of the surface of the beach tennis court is that it helps to reduce the load on joints, such as ankles, knees, and hips.
  • Concentration – Beach tennis can see rallies played at an electrifying pace and as such the athlete needs to keep focused all the time.
  • Improved agility and coordination – The game requires quick movements in addition to hand-eye coordination to connect the paddle with the ball.
  • Aerobic fitness – The difficulty in moving around the court as well as the explosive movements of the sport mean it is a great way to stay fit.
  • Stress reduction – All physical activity helps to release endorphins, but the fact that beach tennis puts an emphasis on fun and socialization mean it is good for body and soul.
  • Often, the whole family is involved in the competitions.