How to Play

Would you like to learn to play beach tennis ? Perhaps you’ve played before yourself but you’re unaware of some of the rules. Below – find helpful links that will help to get you started and better understand the sport

ITF Basic Beach Tennis Tutorials

Below are some helpful resources from the International Tennis Federation.

To see more, visit. the ITF’s website and learn more about the ITF Beach Tennis Tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rules & Regulations

  1.  No bounce
  2. Serve anywhere behind the line
  3.  First to 4 points
  4. If tied 3-3/ Golden Rule goes into effect. Golden point
  5. Men serve underhand in mixed doubles
  6. Women can do either over or under 
  7. 3 meter rule-  until the ball is in play
  8. Stand behind 3 meter line to return serve, once server makes contact with ball then you can move forward
  9. Cannot pass your racket over the net; toes cannot go past the net
  10. Cannot touch your racket to the net or else results in loss of point

To get an overview of the rules, regulations and scoring for beach tennis, click here.

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