Mission Statement

A trip to Aruba sparked the birth of Beach Tennis Maryland. After experiencing the devastating loss of two close family members, we traveled to Aruba for much needed R and R. We played at Beach Tennis Aruba and read on the the tag line that the sport was “addictive”. We decided to see if it really was “addictive” quickly fell in love with the game! We not only fell for the love of the game, but for the value of the experience. We were laughing and having fun in a beautiful atmosphere! The music was loud and we were dancing while playing. The experience of playing the versatile sport is vibrant, fun, invigorating, and community-based. It inclusively appeals to all ages and supports the enjoyment of the outdoors and beach culture. Most importantly, beach tennis helps to cultivate ultimate well-being by promoting a heathy active lifestyle that benefits the mind, body, and spirit.

We feel so much gratitude for beach tennis. This sport brought light back to us during a very dark time. We want to spread the light to others….Beach tennis is positively addictive.

Fun, fitness, flow….what a great addiction!!!!