What is Beach Tennis?

Beach tennis is one of the world’s fastest growing sports, derived from a hybrid of beach volleyball and tennis with some influence of badminton. It combines the fast pace of tennis with the social and relaxed nature of volleyball. Beach Tennis is an exciting sport that offers an excellent cardio workout.

This sport provides numerous benefits such as a high-intensity cardio workout with a high anaerobic activity with little to no impact to the knees and joints due to its practice in the sand.

Beach Tennis Maryland officially came to the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2021. We have 2 residential courts and a third one for practice. We are family owned, family focused, and family driven. We feel grateful to have found this sport, and our mission is to bring it to others who may need the same light put back in their lives.

Beach tennis Maryland offers lessons instructed by pro player Thomas MacLeod and staff. It is not necessary to have racket sport experience. We welcome all levels and every age!

Beach Tennis only started spreading around the world in the early 2000’s but it has quickly gained popularity in coastal areas all around the world. Beach Tennis is being played in over 53 countries all around the world (75 to get to the Olympics! )